Bioinformatician at PetMedix
Cambridge, GB

Role purpose and primary objective:

We are recruiting an experienced bioinformatician to provide computational support to the high-throughput drug discovery pipeline, and to other projects engaged in the analysis of data from screening projects and platform engineering.

The successful candidate will be able to extensively use computational pipelines for pre-processing and quality control assessment of data from next generation sequencing experiments, and to implement new analytical pipelines with a particular focus on B-cell network dynamics and evolutionary modelling.

Core accountabilities:


Develop, implement, and manage the analytic pipeline for the analysis of B-cell networks from single-cell high throughput sequencing


Assist in data analysis for large construct sequencing and drug candidate screening

Knowledge, skills and experience required:  E = Essential  D = Desirable

Bachelors degree or above in computer related sciences or equivalent experience (E)

Full working proficiency in a scripting language (e.g. R, Python, Perl) (E)

Previous experience in creating, documenting, and maintaining finished software (E)

Basic knowledge of statistics and combinatorics (E)

Full working proficiency in UNIX/Linux (E)

Ability to communicate ideas and results effectively (E)

Ability to work independently and organise own workload (E)

Interest in bioinformatics and molecular biology (E)

Ability to work with others in a collegiate manner (E)

Ability to communicate effectively internally at all levels and with select external individuals (E)

PhD in a relevant subject area (Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics) (D)

Experience with cloud-based compute architectures (AWS / OpenStack etc.) (D)

Experience of Cloud technologies (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes) (D)

Knowledge of genomics and molecular biology (D)

Full working proficiency in a compiled language (e.g. C, C++, D, Fortran) (D)