Risk Analyst at Scratchpay
Pasadena, CA, US
What will you do
This risk team is responsible for managing credit and fraud risks across all products and through the life cycle of both the pet parent and veterinarian. We develop data capabilities, build profitable and scalable decision-making frameworks, create predictive models powered by machine learning, and improve customer servicing strategies. Team members are often considered jack of all trades who have a substantial autonomy and dramatic impact on growth and profitability. Additionally, the team has a central and supportive role in the organization and regularly communicates with investors and other important stakeholders. 
We need innovative analysts that aren’t afraid to make bold data driven decisions, manage projects through idea to delivery, and work hard to propel us forward. Scratchpay is a collaborative environment with analysts, engineers, and data scientists that value your knowledge and promote continuous iteration.
You will:
  • Analyze credit and fraud performance data and implement new decision logic 
  • Develop the credit risk reporting and monitoring stack 
  • Review applications and determine the risk of fraud
  • Evaluate and improve existing machine learning models and profitability cut offs
  • Work with the business development team and analytically support the company’s sales strategy
  • Communicate thoughtfully with pet parents and veterinary hospitals to drive insights on product improvements
  • Solve day-to-day operational problems and implement process that systematically address reoccurring issues 
  • Investigate new data sources that improve the acquisition strategy and servicing experience
  • Implement collection strategies that maximize recovery rates on delinquent loans
Who you are
If you enjoy solving problems with data and technology and want to work in an environment where analytics, product, finance, and operations blend together this is a fantastic opportunity. Scratchpay is a well-funded and fast growing startup with a mission to save more pets by making difficult financial decisions simple. You will bring benefit to millions of Americans and pets through innovative technology.
The ideal candidate has: 
  • Strong academics and a bachelor's degree in a stem field
  • Programming and data extraction skills e.g. SQL (we work in Google Bigquery and orientDB)
  • Built predictive models or decision strategies in school projects or previous work (we’d love to hear about them!)
  • Operational experience e.g. worked in a call center 
  • Strong communication skills through text and speech
  • Willingness to learn new things, both through technology and other people's views 
  • A can-do attitude and feel motivated by difficult situations 
  • Some credit or fraud risk experience through internships or similarly 
Who we are
Scratch Financial ("Scratchpay") is a fintech startup focused on veterinary care based in Pasadena, California. Our goal is to make difficult financial decisions simple. At the vet, a pet owner can visit Scratchpay’s website from their phone, fill out an application, and get approved for a payment plan within seconds. Recently awarded the #1 start-up in the veterinary industry (!), Scratchpay is eager to add new talented people to the team.