San Diego, CA, US

We are seeking a research associate to join our rejuvenation team.

Duties & Responsibilities

Rejuvenate Bio is looking for a highly-motivated individual to join our energetic team and accelerate development of our therapies. The Lab Technician position will directly support efforts to drive forward our future commercial offerings. The applicant will be performing basic laboratory support procedures, virus creation and running assays. The role reports to the CSO of Rejuvenate Bio.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Following laboratory protocols and safety regulations.

  • Performing related laboratory maintenance; such as ordering supplies, managing inventory, and documenting laboratory conditions.

  • Performing detailed and accurate documentation of all experiments and laboratory practices.

  • Learning assay development techniques and procedures.

  • Performing tissue dissection, collection, and storage

  • Conducting ex vivo tissue analysis (ELISA, western blot, RT-qPCR, etc.)

  • Ensuring maintenance of industry-quality records to provide documentation

  • Executing experiments, independently and in conjunction with a small team in support of research studies

  • Accountable for on-time, high quality results and clear communication with supervisor

Basic Qualifications

College background in biology, biochemistry, microbiology, biomedical engineering or related field required.  At least two years of cell culture experience (splitting cells, transfection, etc), basic cloning techniques (restriction enzyme, gibson, golden gate, or gateway) or related experience required. Education may count toward years of experience.

Additional Qualifications

Bachelor's degree preferred.  Experience with in vitro analytical techniques to assess the cell viability of tissue constructs. Experience working with AAV. Willingness to work outside of his/her discipline to accomplish project goals. Excellent molecular biology and microbiology skills. Experience with flow cytometry, ELISAs, PCR, and microscopy. Proven ability to draft and implement lab protocols. Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative team environment. Strong work ethic, communication skills and goal-oriented personality.

If interested email with a resume and cover letter. We are located in San Diego California.